Friday, January 30, 2009

More Messin' Around With Mud

Ah the joys of ceramics class, this was how far I'd got last week on my first mug, so I unwrapped it and started to put the finishing touches to it.

Since the clay was close to "leather hard" I couldn't add more clay to the mug so had to just concentrate on adding texture to the design. I tried various things like faux wood grain and cross hatching but ended up using a broken clay tool to push little glyph like marks.

I sent this image to my brother and he asked me if I had covered the mug in Sumerian cuneiform and I responded "Ur no, it just looks like it". Well we laughed.

The first mug is now waiting to dry before firing and then I get to explore glazes and such. Then I started on a second mug which will have three joining tiki faces. Hopefully next week tat will be finished and then I can get started on making my slip cast mold.

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