Friday, August 18, 2006

More Atomic pictures..

“Gather round children and listen to my Tell,
It is about the A-pokylpse, which turned the world to hell.

So listen up good to my tale of sorrow,
Coz you got to ‘member it and tell it to the one who are birthed tomorrow."

"Once there was a betrayal by a maiden fair, She was a movie starlet with golden hair,
She did seduce a scientist, whose hair was white and wispy,
Little did she now the secrets she stole would leave the earth black and crispy”

“From the atomic wastelands comes, Some shapely cavewomen with lovely bums,
Of mans great knowledge they know not a jot, The radiation has caused them to lose the plot!”

“Now from the cursed earth comes a terrible chap,
Who plans to knock up the women in ten seconds flat!

He has a terrible long…stiff…whip that he lays on with much scorn,
Those poor mutant cave-girls are going to wish they wasn’t born!”

(can you tell i'm a great fan of Rupert the Bear style poetry)

Sleazy Cheezy 2nd Birthday 8th September

To celebrate the second birthday of Sleazy Cheezy were going to explore "Sin in the Suburbs" because obviously suburban people fantasize about Burlesque but we in turn fantasize about Suburbia.

On this night expect another fantastic Burlesque Pantomime about the 'Burbs and a great local band called "BLACKOUTS" (not to be confused with the Welch emo-core band "The Blackout").
"BLACKOUTS" are like Sophie Ellis Baxter trying to be Blondie but instead coming of like a young Siouxsie Sioux, their pretty lady singer has the angry stage presence of Alex Harvey.

The Atomic Burlesque in pictures and movies


What a great night we all had at the last Sleazy Cheezy, our continuing exploration into the Burlesque Pantomime was an astounding success and the NUKES stormed the night with their Sci-Fi Surf Garage.

The NUKES with the MISSILES (Miss Foxy Rogue & Missy Malone)

At the end of last months SC I was handed the chalenge that I couldnt get one of our performers to do a burlesque dressed as a gian cockroach, Ha there is nothing we couldn't get our performers to do a burlesque about..

Miss Kitty Trinity doing a Cockroach Burlesque.

(part one)

(part two)

Thanks once again to David for these lovely pictures.