Friday, April 28, 2006

Bareback Boys

What a stressful evening last Sleazy Cheezy was, our stagehands were all off being in some Heavy Metal Band so their was a lot of running around to do. But as I say the mark of a good club is not how busy they are but how they deal with adversity and juggling a bucking bronco machine, Burlesque Dancers, a live band and a stage flooded with chocolate pudding was adversity enough.

The Mending Hearts were top, especially their cover of "9 to 5" and its great to introduce 3 new burlesque boys to the scene (actually 4 burlesque boys if you count my impromptu striptease, which I was reliable informed may have been the highlight of the evening, not to blow my own trumpet of course).

If you wish to see more pictures from Sleazy Cheezy one of our most valued regulars David Hutchison has many lovely pictures on his website HERE

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Squeal like a redneck

I hope' yer all gettin in the mood for our country Sleazy Cheezy, but if you havin' trouble thinkin' on how youse is gonna be dressin' take some inspir-ation from this movie..


Sunday, April 02, 2006

2nd Skinny Magazine Reveiw

We got another reveiw in the Skinny of our "Intergalactic Night", four stars we got as well..

Sleazy Cheezy
Studio 24, Edinburgh
24th February

In the three months since we last visited Sleazy Cheezy it has moved from small-scale alternative boutique to floor-filling performance art with bantering comperes and a live gig. What a difference a small price hike makes! The intergalactic themed soiree ensured a wealth of tinfoil and titillating futuristic burlesque displays (read nekkid robot housewife), during which everyone wonders how and why the sequinned nipple covers remain firmly in place. The entertainment begun with low-key electro-pop from Dateless: two singers, including Alice of Alleschwindel, who go through more costume changes than Mr Benn, and supported by a masked guitarist and keyboardist. The tone was perhaps not as high-spirited as the rest of the evening, but it was definitely ‘out there’. The crowd, a mish-mash of punters from all of Studio 24’s nights, jigged away to the DJ sets which were heavy on the 80s, making it easy to imagine that tonight was about all the outsiders at high school coming together to dance at their very own alternative x-rated disco several years later. Compelling stuff. The next night is on April 21, and the theme is Bareback Mountainin' - a kitsch cowboy theme night. Expect celeb appearances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger (in your masturbatory fantasies).

Written by Alex Burden

...I love the bit about Sleazy Cheezy being an alternative X-rated disco for outsiders.


Howdy partners, are you ready to ride the D’Range all the way to Bareback Mountin’. This month at Sleazy Cheezy were going all out on Camp Cowboy Kitsch, Weird Westerns and Crazed Country.
So slip on your chaps and strap on your six shooters, and mosey on down for some fine highfalutin entertainment.
This month were proud to present “Miss Hope Eternals Hillbilly Half Hour”, a tribute to Country Music shows of the past, be amazed as she sings songs and is joined by musical friends & our guest band Edinburgh’s western-swing hillbilly pioneers “The Mending Hearts”.
But that’s not all folk No-siree you can try your hand at rodeo riding, on a rented mechanical bull, compete for the title of strongest thighs at Sleazy Cheezy.
I’m sure after all that jiggin' and buckin' you’ll ends up with a mighty big hankering to see some fine dancing girls or if you ride the other horse dancing boys, which is lucky coz we got Gypsy Charms, Karney Doll, Foxy Rogue, Sekura Tsui, Miss Angel D’light & the Bareback Boys.
So come along on Friday 21st, were open at 11pm till 3am and for £6 I don’t think you’ll find better entertainment this side of a shaved mules behind, YEEEHAW!!