Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten Tasks Update

At the start of the year I set myself ten reasonably do-able tasks, since we are almost 3/4 of the way through the year I thought I should update you on the progress.

1. Do something charitable. - Whilst at Subway I took part in their Comic Relief Charity drive and for a month gave our tips to Charity, so this task is complete.

2. Earn £1000 from my art. - Still in progress but I have exhibited in three Artshows this year, so I have put myself out more.

3. Learn to drive. - Not yet.

4. Study a for a CELTA or equivalent.
- I have my TEFL certificate and I'm off to Thailand to work for the next couple of years, so Task complete.

5. Experience Scotland like it was a foreign country.
- When I visited my parents last week I went up the St Magnus Cathederal tower, so thats a pretty touristy thing done and I travelled the full length of Britain in the last month, so Task complete.

6. Learn to run.
- I had to stop my gym subscription last month because I'm going to Thailand but I had started running on the tread mill and was enjoying it, so task still in progress.

7. Tattoo, get one and do one.
- Not yet but time enough, so still in progress.

8. Learn a Burns poem by heart.
- Not yet but time enough, so still in progress.

9. Spend Christmas with my Parents.
- Not going to happen as I've mentioned before I'll be in Thailand, perhaps I could by the power of Skype, task not possible.

10. Spend Hogmanay with my friends.
- Not yet but time enough, so still in progress.

So two can't be done, three complete and five more to finish, goes to show that goals you thought possible could change to impossible due to larger life changing events. Life's fun.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fun at the Puttiki Art Show

Now that I have recovered from a weekend of rum and tiki, although this morning I drank some water and still tasted rum, I thought I should post some snaps of Hastings.

So I travelled down on the train and checked into the Phoenix Guest House, which turned out to be a lovely place that was run by a couple called Ed and Victoria. From discussions with Ed I discovered he'd once worked in the Barbers beneith the Hacienda Club in Manchester and had cut the hair of everyone from Mark E Smith, Genisis P'Orrige and the Smiths. Anybody heading to Hastings stay there its a great place.

(Picture by Trader Jim as I forgot to take picures)

This is Honey Lu Lu's a small but perfectly formed Tiki Barwhere we had the show, I was sent a picture txt by my friend Rarg of this place after it opened and I'd been keen to finally get inside.

My paintings just inside the door..

(Picture by Trader Tark as I forgot to take picures)

Then the other wall with fantastic run of great Tiki Art.

(Picture by Trader Jim as I forgot to take picures)

The Honey Lu Lu's Manager, who's name slips my mind at the moment but she made us all so welcome and served many many fine cocktails all weekend long.

This is Shanon aka Shananagan, she designs shoes for a living but creates pin-ups for pleasure.
Luckily with her coming all the way from America it saved me for once, on being the furthest travelled artist to attend the show.

And Los Furias Tiki aka Sam, who with his partner Kessie aka Lady K loves were my happy hosts for the weekend. Real good people and I hope the Puttiki Event goes from strength to strength.

(Picture by Trader Jim as I forgot to take picures)

A group shot of us all from the Friday night, you can spot Trader Jim and Sian on the left, it was great to see them again and more importantly finally get my "Bou'Hua" mug in Scrimshaw glaze.

But it wasn't all drinking and crazy golf, oh no I got out and explored Hastings. Didn't get to the Crowley death house but I did find other things...

No English seaside town is complete without a pier, sadly the Hastings pier is shut, what a waste.

Hasting going all Australian with their warning signs.

The net sheds down by the beach, full of tasty fresh seafood.

There are a couple of nice museums in Hastings and the exciting smugglers caves experience to entertain yourself outside of mini-golf and tiki artshows.

A lovely exhibit on "Biddy Champion tubman of Europe".

A suit covered in silver painted winkle shells.

A nice port lamp, Hastings has many fine antique stores so if you fancy a real one, go a wander up the old town and buy a real one.

..and finally some nice bits brought back by sailors, although I doubt many people would want a stuffed albatross for their bar, perhaps just on a stick.

Thanks to Kessie and Sam for being such wonderful hosts, the staff of Honey Lu Lus for letting us hang out and display our art and Shannon for coming all the way America and being such great company all weekend.

Its only a pity I can't go again next weekend and continue the fun.