Sunday, April 02, 2006


Howdy partners, are you ready to ride the D’Range all the way to Bareback Mountin’. This month at Sleazy Cheezy were going all out on Camp Cowboy Kitsch, Weird Westerns and Crazed Country.
So slip on your chaps and strap on your six shooters, and mosey on down for some fine highfalutin entertainment.
This month were proud to present “Miss Hope Eternals Hillbilly Half Hour”, a tribute to Country Music shows of the past, be amazed as she sings songs and is joined by musical friends & our guest band Edinburgh’s western-swing hillbilly pioneers “The Mending Hearts”.
But that’s not all folk No-siree you can try your hand at rodeo riding, on a rented mechanical bull, compete for the title of strongest thighs at Sleazy Cheezy.
I’m sure after all that jiggin' and buckin' you’ll ends up with a mighty big hankering to see some fine dancing girls or if you ride the other horse dancing boys, which is lucky coz we got Gypsy Charms, Karney Doll, Foxy Rogue, Sekura Tsui, Miss Angel D’light & the Bareback Boys.
So come along on Friday 21st, were open at 11pm till 3am and for £6 I don’t think you’ll find better entertainment this side of a shaved mules behind, YEEEHAW!!

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