Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cannibal & Zombie - part 1

I spent today working on a new molded tiki art work, in the same vein as the "Wee Drunkin' Tiki" and "Screw'd, Stew'd & Tattoo'd".

Inspired by my ceramics class I decided instead of using the plasticine that I normally use, I went for normal ceramics clay. I've had this bag for a couple of years now and smelt a bit fusty but was still moist and usable.

Its like a big chocolate cookie, I've chosen the circle shape because I found three round frames in a charity store before Christmas, I think they are for framing plates.

The first figure added a Marquesian Tiki, he was more friendly in the sketch I made on the clay but my hands have made him more snarling with pointy shark teeth.

The second figure added, a cannibal tiki, inspired by illustration in Taboo Table, the cannibal is about to chow down on a Trader Vic's Menehune. I've gone for a faux lava effect in the background like on a Coco Joes Lava plaque.

I add a pie crust style wall around the piece to hold the gelflex...

...but first I have to recyle an old mold and "Screw'd, Stew'd & Tattoo'd" is for the chop.

I pulled a cast out of this mold last week and discovered it had seriously deteriated in the last year, its going to take a lot of cleaning beforeit is ready for paint. But that project is for next week.
The last quater, I chop all the mold up and then melt it down in a pot on the stove. Its best to do this process when everybody is out of the house, so they can't see the mess I make or complain about the fumes.

The pie case with its blue vinyl filing.

Once the mold sets (this takes about half an hour) I lift it out of the clay and inspect it. When I've used plasticine the heat of the Gelflex cooks the clay and distorts mold, but this time the ceramic clay has given a great impression.
I suspect the mold is touch shallow but I can allways build it up with clay when I make the plaster casts later in the week, I can hardly wait.

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