Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wake up to Wogan.

Another new painting, originally this was going to be another baby portrait but that didn't work out, but the parents in question are huge fans of Saint Terry Wogan so I decided to knock out an icon for them, of the be-wigged one.

Early pencil and red line work on the face.

Background of red and lots of the pencil rubbed out, unfortunately the cheap pre-stretched canvas starts to sag quite early on and it flaps rather than pings like a drum.

Yellow ocher layers and the start of some shading.

Brown lines added to shape the hair, its important to get Wogan's unique hair described correctly.

Darker shades added.

The blue/green of the eyes filled in and the white wings of his hair, plus all the major highlights.

Now Jill was meant to do her glitter and sequin magic on the painting but she was busy with college work, so I have to do my own. Spikey star bursts and shamrocks I think.

Laying down silver paint to back the glitter paint.

The silver all done, the glitter paint is made from coloured glitter in a clear suspension so it has to go over a background colour.
There was far to much indelible pencil marks all over the red, so I change it to blue.

The shamrocks go green with a thick black outline and it time to do the glittering.

Slap on the glitter and the painting is ready for a gloss varnish coat to pin down the glitter and stops it drifting of the work.
Now thats the last of the Xmas paintings done, its time to start new works for the Tiki Beat Art Show in March.

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