Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ten tasks of Atomic Tony Tiki

After watching my mother-in-law fail at her new years resolution of "not thinking bad of people or swearing" in under 10 minutes of the bells, it started me thinking what my tasks or shit-list should be this year..

1. Do something charitable. - Either volunteer or raise some money for a charity or cause.

2. Earn £1000 from my art.
- From selling paintings, prints or other crafts.

3. Learn to drive. - Yeah 34 and I still can't drive, time to stop being a passenger.

4. Study a for a CELTA or equivalent.
- So I can work my way around the world.

5. Experience Scotland like it was a foreign country.
- This year I saw more sights in foreign countries than I have ever seen in Scotland, time to explore this country before I leave it.

6. Learn to run.
- I pay to go to the gym so I need to set some sort of goal, a mile in 10 minutes by the end of the year.

7. Tattoo, get one and do one.
- I've always fancied trying my hand at tattooing and getting another will just be a treat for me.

8. Learn a Burns poem by heart.
- Its the 250 anniversary of Robert Burn's birth so I think it might be fitting to learn one by heart.

9. Spend Christmas with my Parents.
- My folks live up in the Orkneys a days travel away and its often difficult to get the time of to go there but Xmas 2009 will be in Orkney.

10. Spend Hogmanay with my friends.
- Watching the Bells on Telly with a migraine is no New Years, so if i have to book a castle I will be at a party next Hogmanay.

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Tiki Chris said...

Nice list! I find such an exercise always results in something positive (if not always necessarily turning out exactly as planned). And sending your "ten tasks" out into the world for anyone to see makes it more tangible in a way. Good luck and keep us posted.

Happy New Year,