Sunday, January 25, 2009

Supermarket Archeology and Celebrity Shorts

The Waterways authority have been cleaning out a local burn and have dredged out this fantastically decayed shopping trolley.

As you can see by the handle it escaped from the long disappeared supermarket chain Presto. In biblical terms Templetons married Wm Lows who beget Presto who beget Safeways who beget Tesco who is arch enemies of Asda (but they be secretly Walmart).
Presto was named after the first town they opened in Prestonpans, which in turn gave its name to the best Scottish surf band named after a Sunday Day trip destinations, Preston Pfanz & the Seaton Sands.
While charity shopping I saw Cher's white lace cycling shorts for only 40 quid, guaranteed by a letter of authenticity to have come from her own privet wardrobe. Then in a mental health charity shop I saw a worlds best dad figurine, which was reading a newspaper, somebody had altered the figure by gluing segments of newspaper onto the figures sculpted newspaper. Each of those tiny scaps of newspaper were cut from articles on incest and child abuse, I think somebody might just have some issues with their father.

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