Friday, January 23, 2009

Messin' Around With Mud

So I started my ceramics course and have gotten down to slinging some clay, so this is my first experimental tiki mug.
Since I'm trying slab building the mugs a bit flat, I'm sort of treating the clay like cardboard but I'll loosen up once I finish my first sculpt.

The class is only 3 hours long, the same as my one of the shifts in my unloved job, those three hours feel like they last three days but the three hours of class were gone in seconds.
This is not the sum total of my slinging I just worked right up to the end and forgot to take a final picture. So I have all the major bits added and I've loosely wrapped the clay and placed it in the wet cupboard for next week, this will let the clay dry to "Leather hard" and let me carve into the clay and leave clean marks.
Can't wait until next week!

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