Sunday, February 01, 2009

What Was Done To The Drunkin' Sailor

Grim news has reached me that "Drunkin' sailor" is to be replaced with a Grumpy Pirate in a new government sponsored songbook. I don't often rise to these "political correctness gone mad" stories, as I grew up in the seventies and remember when racist and derogatory language used to poison our minds, but being from a nautical family I lament at the loss of the references to burial at sea and brutal floggings in Children's rhymes. Next they'll make "ring-a-ring of roses" not be warning about bubonic plaugue.

So I hear by warn the world that every child I meet that sings te Grumpy Pirate song will be taught by me the few verses of "The Good-Ship Venus" that I can remember, you have been warned.

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