Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cannibal & Zombie - part 2

Finally I found an Artstore in Glasgow that sells big tubs of plaster, I got tired of buying tiny expensive packets of plaster and my favorite type of plaster "Stonecast" is no longer produced.

First cast from the mold, notice how dirty it gets from clay residue on the mold.

The cast trimmed down to fit the plate frames I found.

First coat of ochre paint, I'm trying to steal the colour theme from the cover art of Les Baxters "Ritual of the Savage".

Darker colours added.

Blues and further greens, then I took a wee break from finishing the piece, and then rattled through finishing it, I forgot to take pictures of it until I added all the final painting and given it a final coat of gloss varnish.

This finished cast will be winging its way to Australia for the "Gasoline & Garterbelt" Artshow in March.

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