Friday, February 20, 2009

Further Messin' Around With Mud

Frighteningly I'm half way through my ceramics course so I'm having to plan on what I can finish in the time left. For the last two weeks I've been glazing my first mug and working on a new one.

This one is based on my design for a Cthulhu Tiki mug.
A snarling tiki face rising above the ruins on R'lyeh , imagine if you will the type of mug that would be used in Trader Vic's, if the Trader had been equally influenced by the dammned idols of Cthulhu as Polynesian Tikis.

Slabs of clay around a cheap glass bud vase I found in Poundland.

Re-using that nose design from my last mug.

Looks a bit like a cyclops moai.

The other face on the back, continuing the joined face theme.

Sharp pointy teeth.

Thats as far as I got that week and then I dropped it, so I had to do a bit of repair before I started more details.
Adding the slabs around the base.

Strange layers of slabs.

I used the tines of fork to add the texture on the body of the mug, once its dry I'll clean them up and remove any little bits of clay. I've seen a lovely dark chrome glaze which would add a lovely other-worldy look to the mug, that or some ichor like drip glaze.

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