Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come to the Sabbat

"BLACK SABBATH are tired of being called a Black Magic group - and being likened to Black Widow.
Lead guitarist Tommy Iommi phoned from Birmingham to clear up the confusion. "People are bringing us down saying we are a Black Magic group. I think they must be getting mixed up with Black Widow. We don't to any sacrifices on stage and we're not on a Black Magic kick".

From the liner notes of Black Widow's "Sacrifice"

Gotta love the psych-prog music of the midlands other early heavy metal band with "black" in their name. Finally I've gotten a copy of their album "Sacrifice", no more will I have to rely on a friend to smuggle a rare copy out of his dad's record collection, when I want to listen to it. It was getting ridiculous, his dad lives in Hastings, that's a two day round trip just to listen to it.


emmafork said...

Thanks SO much for posting this!

In my late teens I had this track on a dodgy vinyl CBS sampler, which of course, jumped and skipped all the way through, causing no end of hilarity for my best pal and I. Can't wait to get to a PC with a sound card and watch this properly...

Atomic Tony Tiki said...

According to the liner notes of "Sacrifice" the sampler was called "The Rock Machine Turns You On", it was one of these that we had to illicitly borrow from my mates dad.