Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Generation" Exhibition

Back when I was a teenager in Orkney, we were often taken to see the graduate show at the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness in Orkney. I often wondered what art I'd be exhibiting there once I graduated art college.
The Arts Centre hasn't done a Orcadian graduate show in ages so I was lucky enough to discover that they had stated doing them again and sent off some art.
So if you fancy catching my animation "The Kong Tiki Affair" and looking at a couple of Sleazy Cheezy posters then pop along.


Orkney Art Graduates 2001 -2008

An exhibition highlighting the work of new artists, designers and makers from Orkney who have graduated with a degrees in Art and Design over the last 8 years. Since opening in 1979, Pier Arts Centre graduate exhibitions have regularly featured the work of Orkney's artists, showing more than 70 artists to date.

21st February to 4th April

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