Saturday, December 06, 2008

Xmas Shopping Blogging

Shouldn't have done it, but it had to be done, Xmas shopping is the anti-Christmas, no good cheer and some people seem to just go out to stand in the streams of people and cause stress.

But one of the joys of Xmas shopping is entering shops and looking at stuff you'd never normally look at and I'm always surprised at the thing that people will buy.
For instance a few years back I was in the ladies shop "Accessorize" to buy my wife some ear-rings and there I discovered grown women buying clothes for dogs. I gave the woman in question a withering man look and she came to her senses and put the dog dress back on the hanger.

So I was in Borders Books looking at the Biography section, my dad likes a biography and I was seeing if there was something up his street and discovered an entire section called "True Lives" which as far as I can tell are hideous true stories of child abuse and rape. They all have the same cover, sad child, hand written font for the authors name and a title like Ugly, A Child called it, Slapped Bairns or Please Daddy Don't. Apparently Waterstones has a similar section and its called "Damaged Lives", who new misery was such a big seller.

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