Monday, December 15, 2008

Munny I is scared!!! part two

I finally finished the Munny today.. after the ocher undercoat I applied my patented wood grain effect all over the figure...

..then once that dried I painted on the face, with a sky blue and baby pink facial tattoo. At this point my good-lady-wife exclaimed "what's happened he's stopped being cute, now he's scary". I think the next one will be cuter but this one is the practice Munny.

So the finishing touches, three layers of spray gloss paint, a bit of superglue and a wooden plinth. The necklace the Munny is wearing is a dog tooth I found on the road in Fiji, which I didn't quite smuggle back through customs I just forgot it was in my back pocket, I don't think it was from an endangered dog, just a dog that might have to start brushing more regularly or drink soup.

The most difficult part of the project was finding the plinth, I tried to find an ornament in a charity store I could salvage one off, but ended up having to go to model shops. Where I discovered that some stores "don't do those things, you want a military model shop!".
I should have guessed where you find geeks you find geek cliques. That'll teach me to try and buy millitaria supplies in a train/doll house store.

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