Sunday, December 07, 2008

Beer Vs Biscuits

Having worked in various live music pubs and clubs, I consider myself to have been to one hell of a lot of gigs in my time, so its nice to contrast the two most recent gigs I've been too.

The Beer gig was at the Halt Bar, there was two bands, one was a white stripes style man and lady band who sounded like the Dead Kennedys meets the White Stripes singing in the Velvet Underground style or the "Dead White Velvets". The second band were a four piece all blokes who looked like hipster teachers and sounded like Magazine and the Buzzcocks.
Thanks to Beer I can't remember much more than that, oh and they were all from Leeds and the gig was organized by my mate Joe the Plumber (not the American one but real guy named joe who is a plumber and has been known as that for far longer than the other).

Last night was the Tea gig held at a tiny tea shop, "Tchai Ovna" hidden down a back lane. The shop is like someones living room and they do wide selection of teas, nice place reminds me of various squat bars from my youth.
So we were there to watch "Allo Darlin" an Australian Songstress on her Ukelele, and it were great, her best song was one called "Emma" which was all about a girl who'd nicked her boyfreind, by the way she put her heart into singing it you could tell it had actually happened but also it was still a touchy subject.
Very nice gig, small audience but since I've worked at nights where the barstaff have outnumbered the band and audience, so I know its all about whether people are enjoying themselves or not. The oddest part of the gig was comming home not drunk but over full of tea, like you've just been visiting your granny.

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