Wednesday, December 24, 2008

its almost here its almost Kitschmas - door 24

When i was a kid advent calenders only had 24 doors, then the 25 door appeared and just before the millennium they stretched to include new year. Well this advent has one more door tomorrow so what behind door 24? Why its will there be a Santa Claus!

I'm of the age when a lot of my friends have just had kids and are facing the choice of whether to launch into the Santa Mythos and potentially scar their child for life by "Lying" to them or be a kill-joy Grinch and tell them that their is no Santa Claus.

So I asked them and was surprised to find that they were all mostly for Santa but anti the christian bit of christmas, which I can only attribute to their children not being at school yet and not having the terrifying prospect of the Nativity to explain. Sheppard's flocks out in winter, angels, wise men, virgin births, oh yes it makes a jolly fat man delivering presents a much more belivable concept.

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