Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Largest Pound Store in the UK

Do you know that visiting the largest pound store is like having the biggest penis in the UK but its made from marzipan, its no use for sex but its great for covering a Christmas cake but your allergic to marzipan.
Once you enter the store and see the isles of goods you can go a giddy at the though of the hundred of thousands of bargains to be had but once you actually look at the quality of the stuff then you soon realise its all a bunch of crap, which you may be able to buy it for a pound but you really don't need it.
I was almost suckered in by a big tub of Brylcream for a pound, but i hate the smell of it and its no good for pomping my hair, but it was about a pound and a half cheaper than normal.

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