Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Call of Cthulhula - part one

I'd thought I'd try something new, instead of a snarling tiki something a bit different. So I've been wanting to do a Cthulhu themed painting so I found this fantastically photographed "Don the Beachcomber" mug of Ooga-Mooga and overlaid it with a portrait of H.P.Lovecraft.

Then I transfered the image to the canvas using the grid method, which I've never done before, the trick to it is to copy exactly whats in each grid, rather than use the whole grid as a guide. Since I nicked the source image I went further and pilfered the background image from an old aku-aku menu printed in the Book of the Tiki.

The base colours laid down red background and blue for the front.

Since the face is the most important part of the image, I've backed up the pencil sketching with neat blue.
With two shades of green added on the hat and shirt and the figure start to come together.

With the basics of the figure in I can start on the backgound and the ominous evil idol starts to appear.

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MadMango said...

TikiMango here, I use the grid method a lot, to make things much bigger or much smaller. Fun stuff. You could look into getting an opaque projector (if that interests you), though they only work for making things bigger. It saves the trouble of having to paint over the grid though. Nice progress photos.