Friday, November 21, 2008

The Call of Cthulhula - part three

A bit more on the face and a set of voodoo bones, I like painting bones and it balances out the body, detracting from the fact the figure has no discernible arms.

The background had more added the dancing figures and drummers, suggesting a debouched cultist ritual occurring in the swamps presided over by a lost idol.

I didn't think that the Tiki Bob figure in the far right was working or the reflection on the swamp, so I went a bit far on wiping it out.

With another idol added and it looks a bit better than before. Then I've gone over the midground with a wash of blue just to darken down the white and push the portrait to the front.
The skull design on the bone necklace is The H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society Logo, which I think is fitting for a cursed bone necklace.

With the painting almost finished it just needed balancing up, so the good-lady-wife suggested that I add white highlights to the portraits hair and just a touch to the star on the tapa band on the hat.

I'm really going to have to learn how to take better pictures of my paintings, depending how the light reflects of the acrylic then the tone totally changes, plus I must use a better camera than the one on my phone.

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