Friday, November 21, 2008

Can punk rockers remain orthodox when they grow old?

I love the Ignoble Prize, with my Sister-in-Law being a scientist I know how easy their massive decade long researches can sound downright daft to normal people. What with her partner about to do his post-doc into a type of ant that can pass through the surface of water without any surface resistance and it lives in a rainforest in Borneo, then i know that conditions and coolness influences what things get studied, cool ants in Borneo or lugworms in Millport, cool ants ta!

So when I read in about Joanna R Davis study "Growing Up Punk: Negotiating Ageing Identity in a Local Music Scene" you can pretty much guess she fancied hanging around with the cool older punks in her local punk scene.

I used to work in a Punk Pub so I have a lot of experiences of older punks but whenever I'm talking to them, they always remind me of a Punk Grandfather I remember from a 80's sci-fi kids show. In the show he was this old geezer dressed in punk clothes knocking on about 80's bands, at the time it was comedy but everytime I look at elderly punks I realize it was rather prophetic.

The show was called Luna and starred a very young Patsy Kensit and Colin Bennett (Mr Bennett from Take Hart), there is a wonderful website all about which is well worth a look.

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