Sunday, March 05, 2006

A fine evenings entertainment

Greetings fellow space beings, it is I hope Eternal just landing after a insalubrious weekend, the highlight of which was our own Sleazy Cheesy.
My how sumptous you all looked, I could have gorged on you all, especially my wonderful entertainment partner Johann Von Sleaze who wooed the crowd with his tounge in cheek & bulge in pocket style, brought on no doubt by the raw charms of the sensational Dateless a poptastic penetration of naughty intelligent pop/electro fusion.
Once again the astounding & outstanding charms of the burlesque troop hightened the mood & tightened the trousers of many a boy & no doubt a few girls as well.
However sleazy, no matter how cheesy we remain an unpretentious & fun club night.
The crowd were lovely & theatrical, just what we like & there were so many of you!!
Thanks to everyone for taking part, staff & customers alike, I had a great time hope you did too, see you at the next one, which Johann will post details of very soon,
Chow bella's
Hope Eternal

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