Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Occult Car Boot Sale

I've finally broken my duck at my local Sunday morning carboot sale, normally there is nothing worth buying, just holiday novels and bad home decor. This morning though i found a box with a lovely selection of mid-90's weirdness. The three books of the Illuminatus trilogy, Cosmic Trigger Vol.1 & 2 and The Book of the Subgenius, all for only 20p each.

I used to read books like this back in my "Crazy Youth" and was quite disappointed when i was jaunting around the world, to find that the backpacker libraries were full of "Da Vinci Codes" and other new age twoddle and missing the real head messing literature. If your going to have a malaria medicine and heat stroke based breakdown you might as well have it based on the classic conspiracy texts, so I'm going to send these off to my friends in Cambodia in hope of reviving 90's style traveler insanities.

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