Sunday, October 05, 2008

Painting a picture - part three.

Adding more shading on the central tiki, the war club in it's hand is life sized, I had one kicking around so i just set it on the canvas and traced around it.

That's all the black on the figures.

Slapping on the white..

..and the whites finished, then i go over all the black lines again, to tighten up the image.

I tried to think of various way of doing the background Tapa design easily, like using stencils or make stamps, but in the end I have to carefully pencil in the shapes and hand paint them. Which is quite pleasing to do.

With the back painting finished its time to give it a rest for the day, I've been recording these pictures on my camera phone and sneakily peeking at them in every spare minute, its like a timelapse in my pocket.

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