Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Most Vile Video on the Internet

I woke up on Saturday morning on my friend Rargs couch and was relaying my previous evening in my head, checking I hadn't done or said anything bad. When this memory came back of us watching a clip on the computer, a clip so vile and horrible, that it was a terrible to remember as it was watching.
You might have seen it before, you might know what I'm talking anout it features two women doing something that should be illegal for it was deinatly a crime against all good taste. But like all internet virals when I mentioned I'd seen it too my friend Maco, even when we warned him how terrible it was he wanted to see it, he was almost sick in his lap.
How could anybody have filmed this abbomonation let alone let it happen, please don't watch it your mind will never be clean again....

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