Saturday, April 04, 2009

The fruits of messing around in clay..

My ceramics course has been finished for more than a week now, so I guess I better show what I've made. Mostly all the mugs have been fired and glazed now, so this mug was my first, a scowling tribal warrior mug, with a two tone outer glaze and a translucent gloss inner glaze.

Then we have my three face bucket mug, it has a black under glaze that I sponged back and then covered with thick toffee like gloss glaze.

My third mug is based on my Cthulhu Tiki mug design, again with the two tone glaze, which took two firing to get right. The terracotta clay shows through the top glaze quite a bit, so even though the top glaze is green and gray lots of red shows.

I moved from using te terracotta clay into using paper clay which is lot more forgiving and more importantly is a white clay, so the glaze colours are more true.

I glazed this Monster Moai with a black undercoat that I sponged back and applied an opaque green glaze on top. The glaze didn't work as I thought and after it was fired the glaze cracked and continued to "Plink" for two weeks after.

I made two more mugs but am still waiting for them to be glaze fired, so hopefully I'll be posting them after the easter holidays.

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