Monday, March 09, 2009

Even More Messin' Around With Mud

When I was working on my last mug I really liked some parts of it and decided to take them further. So I took the photos of it and fiddled with them in Photoshop to mock/sketch my next project.
This new mug is made with Paper Clay, which is an amazing clay with paper pulp mixed with the clay, this gives it amazing properties, you can work dry clay with wet, you just have to wet the clay to get the bits to stick together. Fantastic stuff, I don't think I'll go back to using normal clay.

The mug to the right has been biscuit fired and you can see its first layer of glaze, I'll finally get my three other mugs back glazed on this coming Thursday.

The streaky lines didn't work as well as I thought on the third mug, so for this one I went for a much stronger golf ball texture.

The finished mug it should be fired for Thursday and ready for glazing, I've only got three weeks left of my course, so I'll have to plan my remaining time wisely.

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