Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Friday October the 6th “Crime and Punishment”

“No good deeds go unpunished”

All good Johnson folk are invited to hang out with our collection of bunko-men, dippers, dolly mops, two story boys, purse snatchers, long conners, street walkers, bag men, blaggers, teenage hellcats and jailbait jezebels.

No band for this month but hell we gonna have some mighty fine burl-Q ladies shacking their thangs while stealing your hearts. Their gonna mug you with love coshes, roll you in the ditch of desire and bury your beaten body in the shallow grave of SEX-U-AL FRUSTRATION!!!

Well last month was a hair-puller and a half, perhaps we celebrated our birthday a step to far before putting on our show, but the we never claimed to be profess-I-anal about the running of this club. Why a lack of screaming tension and last minute high jinks would ruin thee process.

Young Mr Lucky Strike in his tribute to the Late Freddy Mercury with a nod to Ed Wood, you just gotta love angora on a man.

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