Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sleazy Cheezy Friday 11th "Atomic Burlesque"

What great fun last months Tiki night was, the Burlesque Pantomime went down a storm but Lucky Strike was rushed off his feet all night playing "Roger the Cabin boy".

So now onto Augusts Sleazy Cheezy, which should be fun as we have the album launch of one of our fravoritest bands The Nukes (who will be playing live and hopefully taking a shot on the turntables) and we have two extra hours due to the Edinburgh Festival, so we'll see what other acts we can drag in for the night.

The theme this time, in honour of The Nukes is "Atomic Burlesque", so dig out you childhood fears about nuclear destruction, dust of your radiation suits and prepare to go M.A.D. for the post-apocalypse.

So here is a little movie to get you in the mood..

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