Wednesday, June 21, 2006

3rd Skinny Reveiw

Yet another 4 star Skinny reveiw, a pity there is no mention of the wonderfull MICROSLUTS though..

Sleazy Cheezy @ Studio 24, Jun 16

Sleazy Cheezy is a guaranteed good time

An interesting evening to say the least, and half of the surprisingly small crowd were dressed up in ‘suitable wedding attire’ as requested. The highlight was without a doubt a burlesque showcase not short on inspiration, with skits that involved men being their laid-back and useless selves while the women stole the show by getting their kit off by increasingly creative means. A Zorro-themed sketch and florescent jilted bride stole the show, and as far as a clubbing experience it’s not something you will easily forget. Music throughout the night was mainstream but fun and great for dancing. If you haven’t been along before it’s well worth checking out, and for a group of friends or a birthday, Sleazy Cheezy is a guaranteed good time.

Written by Dorian Williams


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emmafork said...

Wow! Your stuff looks fab - do you ever venture as far west as Glesga?