Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Skinny Magazine Review

I found this review in the Skinny, of our November night while i was toddling around the intermersquet..

Sleazy Cheezy
Studio 24, Edinburgh
4th November

More often than not, the ‘cheese’ club formula of drunk clientele, £1 drinks and the theme from Minder makes for a sub-par evening. What a surprise then to stumble across Sleazy Cheezy (the self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘carnivalesque cabaret’); a great new way to fill a Friday night. Resident DJs Johann Von Sleaze and Miss Hope Eternal provide a miscellaneous aural backdrop of ska, pop, and more importantly Europe’s Final Countdown. Tonight also featured a visual feast in the form of The Ministry of Burlesque (ladies in states of undress with revealing balloon popping dances), live performances from a Frank Sinatra impersonator, and Miss Schwindel from Alleschwindel - a kind of 1930’s Eastern European electro cabaret performance. For £3, this is money well spent. Sleazy’s is gathering momentum and fans, and the range of music played means that most tastes will be catered for. Don’t be put off by the mention of cheesy songs; it is only one element in this barrage of entertainment.

(the original skinny article is off line but a cache of it is here)

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