Thursday, January 19, 2006

JANUARY 27th "Anti-Burns Night"

So KARNEY DOLL asks me if she can theme an evening at Sleazy Cheezy and ever the gentleman I say sure.
Then i'm standing in the supermarket staring at a huge pile of Haggis thinking why all the Haggis, then it hits me the 27th of January is Burns Night, all the tartan, the wee scotty dugs, the broons, the whisky, all the fun with Scots Kitsch and here I'am doing a night of "Under the Sea".
But then i think Burns, burns like fire, what puts out fire, water, under the sea, yup good connection.

Sleazy Cheezy is growing bigger in february this will be your only chance to purchase a money saving membership before we move into a larger area and increase the entrance price.

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