Friday, November 11, 2005

SLEAZY CHEEZY 4th November "A night to remember"

Well ladies and gentlemen what a great night we had, three dancers, two singers and one panicking host.

I knew it was going to be a good night when I found a full formal suit in a charity shop, the tails jacket, waist coat and stripy trousers all for £30 and they fitted me like a glove.

Unfortunately Miss Hope Eternal could not attend due to a lack of babysitters but Mr Bill Spice from the Club Curious turned up to lend a hand on the decks and what a splendid job he did.

Miss ‘Scwindel gave us a unique Cabaret-Karaoke using her previously recorded works form her band ALLESCHWINDEL as backing. She also invited her friend Mr Fenton Barnes with his Frankly splendid renditions of Sintrocities, one would have though old blue eyes was in the building.

If that wasn’t enough for the Sleazsters attending the MINISTRY OF BURLESQUE trotted out a spectacular cluster of routines. Foxy Rouge popped balloons filled with glitter, Missy Malone and Karney Doll wowed us with their pyrotechniques.

By the end of the evening my bow-tie was well askew.

Now I have the challenge to make the next SLEAZY CHEEZY on Friday December 2nd even more fun filled and entertaining, I think since we’ll be in the season of advent perhaps a Kitsch Christmas is in order perhaps the return of SLEAZY SANTA may return.

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